About Us

What is KAI

KAI- Hawaiian for:

{noun} Ocean, sea, beach, seaside, seawater 


About KAI Collections

KAI Collections is an Egyptian premium swimwear brand that meets the highest standards of quality and style through our tailored and iconic swim shorts. Our swim shorts are made using only the finest quality of fabrics and materials to bring together an elegant, tailored, and comfortable pair of swim shorts that you will never forget. Our swim shorts are designed for the everyday man who is confident, daring, and one of a kind. Our prints are inspired by everyday life and worldwide fashion trends to cater to all different tastes and vibes. So whether you’re chilling by the pool, going out, or playing football by the beach, our versatile swim shorts are the one for you.


In order to support the Egyptian economy, boost local production, and defy the foreign brands only stigma, our swim shorts are manufactured locally here in Cairo, Egypt.